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Friday, January 21, 2011

Week Three

Yesterday brought me the first day since I had surgery where I was up and around and engaged with the kids after school. Dominic had had a great week (all "green" days!) which has helped him be in a better mood. Anna is doing well too but oh my gosh, do I miss cuddling with her! Jenny started classes at ACC and has mixed reviews about her professors.

Yesterday after school, Dominic was feeling particularly playful. I got some hilarious shots of him eating Smarties (which he swore made him smart when he was four) and he was convinced they were sour. I'm hoping to get a few "sour Pickle" face photos up soon. I also captured a rough-housing session between him and Jenny and he definitely came out the winner there. ;)

This photo though... it captured my heart. He was laughing so genuinely (tho' I can't share why, he was being inappropriate... boys!) that I got this moment of him looking up at me. He seems so small, young, innocent, and happy. I wanted to try out the black and white conversion technique that I created earlier this week for the Clickin' Moms Photoshop 15th challenge so I used it on this photo. There is something timeless and precious about black and white photos, isn't there?

I love being a mom. I love being their mom. :)


Thanks for looking!


  1. He looks so happy! This is gorgeous! I love your black and white technique too. I'm scared of b&w still.

  2. i love this...his eyes are beautiful and the grain is perfect here!!